Also in 2019 we recommand the conclusion of a starting-fee insurance by the Mountain Attack Partner Nürnberger. At the registration already you can select/check whether you want to take out the insurance or not. For only € 6,– (which have to be transferred together with the starting-fee) you will be reimbursed the starting-fee in case of illness or injury upon presentation of a medical certificate with a deductible of € 6,– directly from the Nürnberger insurance. Certificate and written cancellation before the race:


Note: The remittance will start one week after the event.


Info Versicherung Bergschutz

Info Versicherung Nenngeld

Beitrittserklärung (applies to all who sign up for the Mountain Attack)






Peeroton, Teekanne- and Interspar refreshment stations along the track ensure the participants are supplied with Banana and Berries Gels, tee, fruits & chocolate. The positioning of the refreshment stations can be found in the track profile.





Admission: one time € 15,– Pasta party with salad buffet, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), fruit and coffee. Open exclusively for participants on the race day from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm and 5 pm to 10 pm in the multi-purpose hall (elementary school) in Saalbach.

For re-entry during the opening hours the wristband must be worn visibly. On failing to show the wristband admission must be paid again.





The regeneration starts Immediatly after the reac. The Vita Club masseurs are waiting for you in the athlets lounge. More than 200 participants taken the opportunity every year to relax their tired legs immediately after the race. (No reservation possible!)





At 10.30 pm the award ceremony will take place at the stage at Saalbacher village square. Afterwards, the Attack Family will meet in  „Castello“ of the Saalbacher Hof with free admission to the 13th Attack Clubbing! You can celebrate with live music until the morning hours and drink to the Attack with your colleagues Edelweiss white beer from the tap, Red Bull and Stroh Rum (B52).





From the late morning on the village square of Saalbach everything is ready for the participants of the race. The start zones are set up, the background music is getting everyone in the mood for the start and from 3 pm it‘s full on. Then the DJ turns on the music, the athletes get to their starting positions and the Attack moderators prepare participants and fans for the start or the race. The „Attack“ on Saalbach‘s mountain peaks is imminent. Track information, interviews with participants, sponsors, partners and guests of honour shorten the time to the start at 4 pm sharp. Immediately after the starting signal you can already admire the spectacular starting pictures on the LED wall - played out by the Mediahaus broadcast-van team - and from 4:35 pm the first live pictures from the Schattberg will be sent.


Of course also in 2019 the popular live stream with our experts from the Attack Studio in Saalbach will be exclusively available from 3:40 pm to 7:30 pm on the Mountain Attack homepage for all touring skis who cannot make it to Saalbach.


From 7:45 pm, the athletes will be accompanied by a live band at the finish line. Then the entire village square becomes a party zone. With cover hits and songs from the current charts everyone is invited to join in and to give the participants a worthy reception.





Attractive prices of the Attack partners and sponsors will again be waiting for the winners in 2019. Raffle ticket EUR 2,–, can be bought from 4.30 pm and prizes can be picked up until 8 pm directly at the Attack-tent on village square (starting area of the Schattberg Race).





Immediately after the award ceremony, the unofficial results are presented on the homepage -


11. January 2019

Saalbach - Hinterglemm


1.) Ratings: Marathon: Men and Women. Tour: Men and Women. Marathon and Tour: Men +45 (qualifying date 11.01.1974). Schattberg Race: Men and Women. Individual competition.


2.) Equipment: only material used for alpine ski touring can be used – skis must have steel edges and touring bindings, boots must have vibram soles, sealskins, crampons are allowed, headlights are compulsory. Skis & boots must be carried in the customary tradition of mountaineering skiing! Emergency blanket and HELMET REQUIRED! Anorak & backpack strongly recommended!!! Equipment controls can take place at start, during and after the race.


3.) Skin change is only allowed to be done unaided in the designated change zones. To receive closed skins from other persons is allowed. Skis can be replaced only in case of breakages during the competition. Only official racing service people are allowed to help. The supply of own food and drink is allowed.


4.) Accompanying persons are not allowed to take food from the refreshment stations. Participants, accompanying persons and spectators are not permitted to litter any areas.


5.) The start area is divided into 3 start zones. Zone 1: Marathon: First 30 from last year, Zone 2: Marathon & Tour, Zone 3: Schattberg Race. Allocation in the Zones is based on starting numbers and is mandatory for all participants. Non-compliance with the start zones leads to immediate disqualification.


6.) The numbers have to be worn visibly during the race on the chest, if number is not worn visible, athlets will be disqualified. At the finish or at any other stop during the race the numbers must be brought to the next checkpoint. The return of the starting number is required for race classification. Failure to give back number costs € 40,–.


7.) From the start, in the centre of Saalbach, the athletes have to walk to the basic area carrying their skis. The whole race takes place on prepared, marked and sign-posted slopes. Spots, snow-cats, torch-lights and signal lights will help to illuminate the way, in addition to the head lamps.


8.) Registration at the control points is carried out with a time mat. In the case of a break, the chip and the start number must be given at one of the control points or the target. This is for your own safety and prevents any possible use of the mountain rescue at the expense of the participant (from any point of the route can be driven into the valley).


9.) To finish the race and to be classified the following maximum time limits have to be fulfilled: maximum intermediate time Hinterglemm: marathon 06.30 pm, tour 07.00 pm / maximum intermediate time Hochalm: marathon 08.10 pm maximum arrival time Saalbach: marathon and tour 10.30 pm. If time limits cannot be reached the starting number and the chip will be confiscated at the checkpoints and athletes will be disqualified.


10.) Disqualification will also apply if participants:

a) fail to give back starting number and the Chip at any stop or at the finish

b) use wrong material

c) receive external help

d) unfairly behave or ignore safety standards

e) demonstrate unsportsmanlike behaviour

f) miss intermediate time at the check-points

g) hindered visibility of the worn start number at check-points and upon reaching the finish line


11.) Complaints must be submitted to the race jury within one hour after crossing the finishing line together with a deposit of € 100,–. If the complaint is accepted as valid, the race jury will return the deposit.


12.) Changing over from the Tour distance to the Marathon is possible at any time during the race. The switch from the Marathon to the Tour is also possible, however, there will be extra 10 minutes added to the final time.


1.) All participants over the age of 19 are allowed to take part. Younger participants need a written agreement signed by their parents (must be shown at initial-registration). Participants over 65 need a medical certificate.


2) Application may only be made online under This will open on 15 October and is available for a maximum number of participants (Marathon & Tour – 700, Schattberg Race – 200). To obtain a fixed starting place, payment must be made no later than 30.10.2018 to the specified account mentioned below. If the entry fee is not paid on time, the starting place will be lost. There is no telephone information on the registration form. On 12.11.2018 a preliminary entry list for viewing will be published on the homepage. More starting places may become available as a result of injuries and withdrawals, and will be available 15.11.2018 online (payment of registration fee no later than 05.12.2018). Possible remaining places arising due to cancellations or illness will be published on 03.01.2019 online registration and payment of entry fees to be made solely on race day from 9.00 till 12.00 o’clock in Saalbach.


3) The entry fee for the marathon and tour is € 68,–. The entry fee for Schattberg Race is € 55,–. Included in the entry fee is starter kit, supplies and refreshments, shower facilities and insurance (24-houres Bergschutz).


4) The entry fee for the Marathon is to be made to:

Raiffeisenbank Hallein, IBAN AT54 3502 2000 0003 8224, Password: MA-Marathon.


The entry fee for the Tour is is to be made to:

Raiffeisenbank Hallein, IBAN AT27 3502 2000 0009 9820, Password: MA-Tour.


The entry fee for Schattberg Race is to be made to:

 Raiffeisenbank Hallein, IBAN AT26 3502 2000 0009 5182, Password: Schattberg Race.


The deposit slip must be presented when picking up your race number.


5) Participation is registered after signing and completing the registration form and after payment of the racing fee into the above mentioned bank account.


6) In case of sickness (or injury) the starting fee can only be reclaimed with a valid starting-fee insurance (see information) at our insurance partner Nürnberger upon presentation of a medical certificate (a deductible of € 5,– applies)


7) Warning: Last starting number will be issued on race day, without exception, at 14.00 clock!!!


8) The registration at the checkpoints will be done by special timing point mat which are given to all participants at initial-registration. If a participant stops the race early for any reason, the starting number and the chip must be given in for safety reasons at one of the checkpoints: otherwise the mountain rescue will start looking for you at your own cost (athletes can ski down to the valley from any point on the route).


9) The organizer has the right to change, shorten the route or time limit, due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation, discontinuation, or postponement of the race by the organizer is possible. The entry fee and any other charges will be refunded in whole or in part in all cases.


10) Sales and disclosure of grid positions to third parties are not allowed. Misuse results in disqualification and a blocking for both parties at the following two events.


11) Changes to the result list can be carried out exclusively by Wednesday after the race.

Prize Money

At the end of the winter season, we could see some confusion on social media about differences in prize money in international and national competitive sporting events (almost all sports) between women and men and also found a reference to the Mountain Attack. Therefore, we would like to inform you.


The Mountain Attack is a privately organised race (NMC GmbH) which receives no funding in the classical sense from state authorities. The Mountain Attack is not an association and therefore completely free of national or international association structures and regulations.


We know that all participants in the Mountain Attack reach their personal performance limits and this requires extensive and intensive preparation. Whether young or old, man or woman, participants of the Schattberg Race, Tour or Marathon, the training is extensive and time-intensive for everyone.


The Mountain Attack is one of the hardest, most famous and popular ski touring races in the world, a cult show within the community with many benefits for participants, fans on site and viewers via live stream. For all these services we can provide an event-budget thanks to the sponsors, partners and participants (limited number). This allows us to also pay EUR 7,000 as prize money. For all non-Austrian winners of the prize money we also have to pay the mandatory value-added tax to the state.


We had the following 3 ideas considering the split of the prize money:


Option I

Same starting fee, same track, same training, same performance - therefore the 3 fastest in each category (Marathon & Tour) get the prize money. This would result in no woman being able to win any prize money, the prize money for the men would even be more.


Example 2017:

Winning time Ladies Marathon was 3:03:09 that would mean rank number 39 in the men's ranking.

Winning time Ladies Tour was 2:19:12 and would mean rank number 66 in the men's ranking.



Option II

Strict division of the prize money according to participants men vs. women (marathon & tour) in percentage:


Example 2017: (maximum number of participants 900, sick or cancelled: 36)

Men 785

Women 79


This means only 10% of all participants were women.


This would also mean that only 10% of the prize money, EUR 700,-, would have to be distributed between the 6 award winners.


Option III

We keep the division of the price money in the following relation:


Men overall EUR 4,680

Women overall EUR 2,320


The decision of the OK team


When choosing option I or II the difference between women and men would even get bigger or for option I the part for the women would be lost completely. This is why we chose to stick to option III.





MOUNTAIN ATTACK is a event from

NMC Event- und Werbeagentur



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Prize Money



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